Full download version now available!

As of August 5th, I have changed the link above from the partial demo version that has been hosted to the full download version.


*All main levels of the game.

*All boss battles and cutscenes.

*The cow level at regular intervals, but not the unlockable campout level.

To play the game, you will need to install an NES emulator on your computer.  Simply do a search online for “NES Emulator” and lots of resources will become available in your search results.  I have forgone placing a link to any specific page because they tend to change frequently.

The game has tested fine on Nintendulator, FCE Ultra, and Nestopia.  I highly recommend Nintendulator and FCE Ultra.



Section 1: The Gameplay Screen


Guide Ossan (the ship) by moving up, down, left, or right on the d-pad.

Finding Victims:

Finding victims requires the coordinated use of both the right and left radar indicators located at the top of the screen and the victim locator arrow that pops up when a victim is within range.

If Ossan has no victim onboard and is not within range, the right or left radar indicators will light up to display which direction the next victim is located.  Move Ossan in the direction indicated by the radar arrows and eventually they will turn off as you get close.  Continue moving in the same direction and you will see the victim locator arrow appear over a building where a victim is located.

Abducting/Assimilating Victims:

Once you can see a victim locator arrow, it is possible for Ossan to abduct a victim.  Guide him into position directly above the victim locator arrow, and then press and hold the B button to begin extending his abduction beam.  The beam will extend until it reaches the top of the building.  Releasing the B button while the beam is extending will turn off and reset the beam, and the beam will restart from Ossan the next time you press B and activate it.

When the beam hits the top of the building, it will begin levitating the victim toward Ossan.  Continue to hold the B button until the victim is onboard Ossan.  If you release the B button while the victim is being pulled into Ossan, the beam will deactivate and the victim will fall to the ground.  Loosing a victim at any time will cause a loss of points.

When the victim is onboard, the assimilation progress bar will begin filling automatically.  The speed at which it fills is determined by the current tool selected.  During this time, Ossan will not be able to use his abduction beam or change assimilation tools.

When the progress bar is finished filling, the victim is now assimilated and is ready to begin causing havoc on the city below.  Ossan can again use his abduction beam at this point.  So once again position Ossan over the victim locator arrow, then press and hold the B button to lower the assimilated victim back to the building below.  Continue holding the B button until the assimilated victim has reached the building.  Just as with pulling the victim into Ossan, if you release the B button while the victim is being lowered you effectively let go of the victim, causing them to crash to the ground.  Again, points will be deducted.

Successfully planting an assimilated victim within the building will boost your Assimilation Percentage.  Certain tools boost the percentage more than others.  You will also gain points (see Scoring section).  You complete the level when your Assimilation Percentage reaches 100%.  (see Winning section).

Ejecting Victims:

Press the A button to eject a victim at any time.

While Ossan has a victim onboard, his speed is reduced to ½ normal speed.  This can at times make it harder to dodge enemies, bullets, missiles and other things that can kill him.  If really backed into a corner, it is possible to eject a victim by presisng A.  Ejecting will allow Ossan to return to his normal speed, but will also cause you to loose points.


Some things help your score and some things hurt it.

At the most basic, successfully abducting, assimilating and planting a victim will add to your score.  However, Ossan’s height relative to the victim locator arrow when he is abducting or planting a victim determines how many points you get.  The higher he is in either case, the more points you rack up.  Also, the more powerful the tool you have selected while Ossan for assimilation, the more points will be added to your score when you successfully plant the victim.  The trade-off is that more powerful tools take longer to fill the Progress Bar, and being farther away from a building can make it harder to stay out of harm’s way.

As mentioned earlier, whenever you kill a victim, you loose points.  Killing a victim happens whenever you press A to eject them while onboard.  Releasing the B button while raising a victim into or lowering them out of Ossan also kills them.


Periodically, helpful items will be sent from Ossan’s homeworld and will drop from the sky. Grab these to gain temporary benefits for Ossan. These items are:

2X Assimilation : Every tool gets a 2x boost, causing the Progress Bar to fill twice as fast.

3X Assimilation : Every tool gets a 3x boost, causing the Progress bar to fill three times as fast.

EMP Device : Temporarily kills most projectiles/enemies on the screen.


You complete the stage when your Assimilation Percentage reaches 100%.  At that point, a new screen will load that will detail the score you’ve racked up so far in the game, the time spent completing the current level, and your new score.  Pressing A on this screen will move to the next level.

Unless on a bonus stage, the amount of time spent completing the current level is always deducted from your score at the end of the level.

Section 2: The Pause Menu

Press the Start button at anytime during gameplay to access the Pause Menu.  From the pause menu, you can select different tools for assimilation, restart the current level, or end the game.  Use the d-pad to move the menu cursor between these three options.  Press the Start button again to exit the menu at any time.

Tool Selection:

While the menu cursor is in the tool selection window, press up or down to select between different tools. Once you are on the tool you wish to use, press Start again to exit the menu.  Ossan will now automatically use that tool while assimilating the next victim.  Note: You cannot change tools while a victim is being assimilated. Or in other words, while the progress bar is filling.

Restart Level:

Restarting the level will cause you to restart the current level with the score you had upon starting the level.  However, if you have died since starting the level, you will not retain the original number of lives you had at the beginning of the level.

To use this feature of the pause menu, navigate the menu cursor in front of the “RESTART” option and press the A button.

End Game:

This will completely restart the game and return to the title screen.  You will loose your current score and your lives will reset.

Section 3: Game Over – You Suck

When Ossan has no more lives and dies again, the game is over.  You will see a game over screen that will display your final score and give you a chance to continue.  Continuing the current level resets your score to 0 and your lives to 3.  Choosing not to continue ends the game and you return to the title screen.  There are no limits on continues.

I think that covers it, everyone. Thanks for playing and I hope you have fun!

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