New Assimilate Carts Available at Airwalk Studios!

I’ve had some people email me asking about new runs of carts.  Most likely, I will not do my own run of carts again.  However, the capable proto-builder William “Taco” Thornton has partnered with Adam Welch of Airwalk Studios to start their own run of Assimilate carts with my permission.  These guys do great work.  So if you’ve been playing the Assimilate ROM and really want to play it on your NES but don’t have a PowerPak or other similar means, by all means purchase a cart from my friends at Airwalk!

You can get to the Airwalk Studios store here.  It’s $37.50 for a cart.  No manual is included, but you can find play instructions on this site under the download tab.  While on the Airwalk site, check out some of Adam’s other projects, like Affinity:Sorrow and Hangman SG.  Also check out NES Virus Cleaner by my pal Roth.


2 Responses to “New Assimilate Carts Available at Airwalk Studios!”

  1. 1 Sean
    April 25, 2018 at 2:16 pm

    Will this game become available in physical format again? Just learned about it and would love to pick up a copy

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