2nd Run – Please Read Before Ordering

New Units Added — 2nd Run (Please Read Before Ordering)

I am doing a second run of Assimilate.  The thing that’s different with this run is I’m doing it on a complete pre-order basis.  I will be taking orders for this run until May 18th, and then on that date I will start placing my own orders with the suppliers for the parts.

That means the people who order in this run will have a longer wait than those who ordered on the last run.  It will take the suppliers at least a couple weeks to get the carts and materials to me, and then I’ll need to process them and get them sent out.  So those who order on this run will probably be waiting until early or mid June to actually receive their Assimilate copies depending on where they are located.

Sorry for the odd way of handling this second run.  The reason I’m doing it this way is because I pay for everything up front.  Therefore, to avoid possibly over-estimating how many units I’ll actually need and ending up with a bunch of unsold merchandise, I am instead collecting orders first for a period of time so I know exactly how many to order.

Those interested in purchasing a cart on the second run may do so on the sales page: https://nessylum.wordpress.com/buy-now/

As always, thank you all for your support.



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