Sold out!

Over the weekend it happened.  My last cart which was publicly available on this site was bought up.  For now that means I’m sold out.  However, if you are still interested in getting a cart and didn’t place an order in time, don’t despair.  I am starting a waiting list for those such as yourself.  To get on it, simply email me at nessylum@gmail.com.  I will add your name and email to the waiting list and email you in the event that new carts become available.

Also, those of you attending the Midwest Gaming Classic in Brookfield, WI from Mar. 24th-26th have another chance.  I am holding about eight carts to sell at the event, and they will all be on sale at the NintendoAge table on March 25th.  And any carts I don’t sell at the convention will go back onto the site’s inventory.

As for future cart runs, I can’t make a guarantee at this time that there will be another.  If I do another run, it may be as a pre-order only basis.  That means I’ll take pre-orders first over a period of a month or so and then at the end of that period produce only the carts that were ordered.

But for now, if you want a cart your best bet is to email me and get yourself on the waiting list.


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