questions about pal systems

I have received a few questions on “Assimilate’s” functionality on PAL systems, both on the site and through emails.  I thought I better clear this up due to the number of times the question was asked.  “Assimilate” was developed to run on an NTSC NES console, with the NTSC framerate in mind for calculation, sound, and graphical presentation.  If you attempt to play “Assimilate” on a PAL system, it may or may not work depending on the connections to your TV.  And then if it does work, the game will run differently than it will on the NTSC systems.  For a good example of an NTSC game running on a PAL system, click here.

I believe there are various mods to PAL systems that will make NTSC games run on them okay, but I’ve never looked into them myself.  I’ve also been told that some PAL TVs have NTSC framerate settings that can be activated.  If that were true of your TV and you had a NTSC version of the NES, you might be able to play this game alright.  However, best bet is to play it on an NTSC system hooked up to an NTSC TV.  If anyone knows of something I missed on this subject, please comment below or, as always, feel free to email me.


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