Midwest Gaming Classic

It’s looking like the Assimilate demo will be making another public appearance at the Midwest Gaming Classic held March 26th and 27th in Brookfield, WI.  This time I’m palling up with two other NES homebrewers, Clueless & Memblers from nesdev, to share a demo space in the game development room.  The MGC is a very good con, with a large arcade, gaming area, and one of the most impressive gaming museums I’ve ever seen for all you who are video game history nerds like myself.  I highly recommend the event.  And once again, if you get a moment feel free to stop by the nesdev table and try out some stuff.  I’ll have an Assimilate demo that is more or less the same thing I showed at MAGFest, although there have been some improvements on the game’s engine since then.  But what’s more, Memblers–one of the founders of nesdev–will be showing some very cool stuff and Clueless will be showing his Yar’s Revenge port.  (awesome!)

Here’s a link to the event’s website for the uninitiated.


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