MAGFest 9

Event: MAGFest 9

When: Jan 13 – Jan 16, 2011

Where: Hilton Mark Hotel — Alexandria, VA

Event Website

I will be attending MAGFest 9 and will have a table set up in the merchant area where a playable demo of “Assimilate” will be available.  Anyone interested in all things video gaming should definitely make it a point to attend this awesome convention.  Last year was my first year attending MAGFest and it was great.  It’s four days of nonstop arcade, console, and tabletop gaming laced with ongoing panels and concerts by video game cover bands and chiptune artists.

If you attend and you get a chance, stop by my table and try out the demo.  It will include the first four levels of the game and the first boss fight.  There is a level select screen to select any stage you want, as well.


2 Responses to “MAGFest 9”

  1. 1 WhatULive4
    December 17, 2010 at 7:32 am

    Good luck at MAGFest. We never get any cool events like that where I live 😦

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