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Otherwise, hello and thanks for visiting!  This site has one purpose and one only: to keep those who might be interested up to date on the latest news of my NES homebrew project, titled “Assimilate.”

“Assimilate” NES carts that play on your beautiful front-loading or top-loading Nintendo Entertainment System started shipping on March 17th, 2012.  The original carts by Nessylum and Retrozone have been out of stock since July of 2012, but a new run of carts is available from Retrozone.  The NES remains my favorite console of all time, and learning to make a game for it has been insanely fun.

“Assimilate” itself is meant to be a very simple retro-style game, in the mold of the NES’s earliest titles which were mostly ports from the arcades.  You control an alien spaceship named Ossan.  The goal of each level is to maneuver Ossan around a series of deadly projectiles and enemies while kidnapping and assimilating the humans below.  Scoop up a human with your tractor beam and use one of four tools to convert them into your alien slave.  Then, plant them back in the same building from which you picked them up without dropping them.  The level is completed when you have assimilated 100% of the humans in the level.

To see video demonstrations of “Assimilate,” click on the Nessylum YouTube link to the right.

Otherwise, here’s some general info on the game:

Title:  Assimilate

Platform:  The most awesome console of all time… The N-E-S!

Genre:  Side-scrolling action.

Release Date:  March 17th, 2012

Programming/Artwork/Concept:  John White

Music/SFX Composer:  Computerization

Technical Overview (As of 2-9-12)

Current Build: 1.00

Mapper: MMC1 (ROM download) and UnROM (Carts)

Size: 128K PRG-ROM+128K CHR-ROM (For MMC1) and 256K PRG-ROM+32K CHR-RAM (For UnROM)

Assembler: NESASM3

Graphics Editor: YY Chr/ Super-secret Graphics Editor I can’t disclose

Sound Tools: Metalslime’s Sound Engine/ Gradualore’s Famitracker Exporter

Carts produced by Retrozone

Boxes produced by Uncle Tusk